Noted architect and sculptor reunite to discuss vision for sculpture garden at modernist Phoenix bank

April 26, 2009

In the spring of 2008, architect Frank Henry and sculptor John Waddell reunited in Cornville, Arizona to tour Waddell’s home, studio, and grounds, and to reminisce about the project they worked on together in the early 1960s… the 101st branch of Valley National Bank at 44th St. and Camelback Rd.  In addition, they outlined their ideas for creating a more formal sculpture garden on the bank property as envisioned by former VNB President/CEO Walter Bimson.  [Videography: Eric George, 57 Media, Phoenix, AZ]


Birdseye view of proposed Bimson Memorial Park

April 12, 2009

Computer animation of the proposed Bimson Memorial Park at 44th Street and Camelback Road in Phoenix, AZ.  The animation was designed in March 2009 by Frank Henry with graphics by Ebbie Azimi. Mr. Henry was the original architect of the 101st branch bank of Valley National Bank (now Chase Bank) adjacent to the open space.  He and noted Arizona sculptor John Waddell are collaborating on re-creating VNB President/CEO Walter Bimson’s original vision for the open space.


“Enjoy it while you can,” said Flickr photographer

April 11, 2009

Valley National Bank Frank Henry Branch by dbostrom.

Photographers flock to 44th St. & Camelback Rd. to take shots of the former Valley National Bank (now Chase Bank) branch.   In addition to the photo taken above, enjoy others by dbostrom on Flickr.


ModPhx carries “Shroomage” apparel line

April 9, 2009

280The friendly folks at ModPhx Apparel ask, Are you a Preservationist?  A Progressive? It doesn’t matter which. You can show your true colors with a number of fun, interesting, and oh so fashionable clothing items.  Here we feature our favorite: a tee shirt featuring the famous “mushroom” columns at Valley National Bank (now Chase Bank) at 44th and Camelback in Phoenix, AZ. Get yours today!


Midcentury bank kicks off home tour in Arcadia

March 22, 2009

henryvnb0707_111[Source: Modern Phoenix Neighborhood Network] — We’ve added two more Founding Fathers to our home tour on April 5 — Financier Walter Bimson and Taliesin Fellow Frank Henry — by including their award-winning project, the Valley National Bank (now Chase Bank) at 44th St. and Camelback Rd.  The adjoining open space, hopefully the future home of Bimson Memorial Park, will be used as one of the check-in stations where tour-goers can pick up a tour map for the day as early as one hour before the tour.

Come meet “The Friends of Bimson Park” to learn about the plans for the park, and meet architect Frank Henry as well.  The bank won’t be open for the day but you’ll have plenty of time to photograph the exterior.  This landmark building and site is a must-see for all out-of-towners!

Red Modern Furniture at 2nd St. and Camelback will still serve as the central check-in station, so you can start wherever is convenient. Tickets now on sale for all Modern Phoenix Week Events at 480-994-ARTS [2787] 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.  Press 2 for the box office.


Big wheels keep on turning

March 21, 2009

Here’s one photo taken in June 2007 of the famous “mushrooms” at the Arcadia branch of Valley National Bank (now Chase Bank) at 44th St. and Camelback Road.  The photographer, capitali, took two more great shots. Click here to view.


Phoenix Mid-Century Marvels

March 20, 2009

Phoenix experienced unprecedented growth just after the Second World War.  With this growth came new architecture in the form of offices, banks, stores and government buildings, to name a few.  These buildings are disappearing from the landscape.

The Phoenix Historic Preservation Office is embarking on a survey and designation project of postwar architecture.  The project will document the best examples of the period and bring attention to their significance.

Eligible buildings will be placed on the Phoenix Historic Property Register and the National Register of Historic Places.  The Historic Buildings Photography Project, completed by Phoenix Office of Arts & Culture in cooperation with the Phoenix Historic Preservation Office, presents a selection of 25 buildings and sites that represent Phoenix’s postwar architectural heritage.  To download the Mid-Century Marvel brochure, click here.

Click on the plus, minus, or arrow keys to move around the map.  Click on any of the blue markers for more information about each Mid-Century Marvel.  Click on “View Larger Map” to, you guessed it, view a larger scale map.